Project Management Office (PMO) Advisory

With direct sight lines to both executive management and all key organizational initiatives, a PMO is a uniquely positioned value creator that can host a variety of strategic functions including:

  • Screening candidate projects and programs against the organization’s strategic goals and objectives
  • Maintaining a real-time consolidated view of program budget and resource requirements
  • Facilitating the effective prioritization of project and programs; monitoring and adjusting budget and resources allocations to optimally support strategic objectives
  • Identifying issues within the organization (cultural, operational, strategic, etc.) that impact successful portfolio execution; define and initiate program(s) to address identified issues

Whether you are preparing to enhance current PMO capabilities, or to implement a PMO for the first time, Mariner can work with you to align your PMO with your organization’s business strategy, size, and culture. We can provide the tools, templates, training, and support required to quickly and effectively implement this value generator within your organization.

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