IT Strategic Planning

IT Strategic Planning

Your enterprise operations and the resilience of your business are dependent on IT systems and infrastructure. This “IT Imperative” is truer today than ever before. An IT Strategic Plan is essential to ensuring that current requirements are met and future goals are achieved. Most importantly, your customers and your team depend on a modern IT framework.

We understand that an IT Strategic Plan is a critical tool both for the efficient management of an IT organization and for reliably meeting broader business plans. Your IT Strategic Plan will provide your business with a comprehensive road-map to support the effective evolution of your IT business function.

Developing an IT Strategic Plan typically follows a 4 phase approach:

  1. Assessment: We assess the current IT environment to gain insight on a prospective vision for the future. We’ll seek to develop a strong understanding of your broader business objectives and strategy – and particularly how they relate to current and future IT requirements. Key outputs: A characterization of Base IT Architecture and an inventory of IT Assets that includes key attributes of each asset — support arrangements, failure risk, failure impact, disaster recovery (DR) profile, cost, security, extensibility, and scalability.
  2. Strategy Visioning: We create a vision for the technology environment and the future management of IT to which your organization aspires over the coming 5 years. This vision will serve as a compass to guide the formulation of Reference Architecture, and will also help inform the priorities and sequencing of IT investments. Key outputs: 
 A concise vision summary consisting of a consolidated list of strategic and business requirements to guide and shape future deliverables.
  3. Architecture: We model a Reference Architecture that reflects the end state application, data and technology architecture that would be required to support the vision summary. Key outputs: A visual representation, of how systems, applications, infrastructure and business process are connected and annual intermediary Target State Architectures to inform annual project and investment planning.
  4. Investment Plan: We develop a recommended sequence of investments that will include information on proposed projects and associated dependencies, business milestones, and other timing considerations. Key outputs: 
 A portfolio of Project Initiative Templates (One Page Project Charters) that provide a description of the proposed project investments, including each project’s scope, anticipated business outcomes, cost estimates, anticipated benefits, and resourcing considerations.

At Mariner Innovations, we firmly believe that our customer’s success is our success. We bring years of experience in a variety of industries, with individuals who have held CTO, CIO, and CEO positions at a variety of mid to large scale companies. We will help you achieve success through the transfer of the innovative and strategic knowledge that we have gained through our years of experience. We will take pride in assisting you with both your basic and complex IT requirements.

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