Application Portfolio Assessment

Application Portfolio Assessment

Understand everything about your application portfolio.

An Application Portfolio Assessment will look beyond the day-to-day and evaluate your applications as well as your business processes to decide where improvements should be made, and what can be rationalized. We’ll assist your organization in establishing a continuous improvement process for application rationalization, mitigation and cost optimization.

Our Application Portfolio Assessment will help IT executives establish effective, business-grounded rationalization programs. Deliverables include:

  • Cataloging the applications portfolio: We’ll build a comprehensive list of systems for your organization and ensure that the business owners are identified.
  • Assessing the business value of each application: We relate each application to the business processes it supports and the locations (organizational and geographical) where it is used. If this mapping is comprehensive, it can identify redundancies and opportunities for consolidation.
  • Determining the technical and operational quality of each application: We’ll establish the metrics that are meaningful to your business versus IT.
  • Determining the true cost of each application: We’ll enhance infrastructure and operations, licences, licensed software support, direct application support and applications break/fix support. This approach captures the measurable cost of application failures and instability over defined time periods.
  • Aligning cost and business value: We’ll break down and assess how much of the application budget is supporting the enterprise’s business functions (e.g. HR, Customer Service, Marketing and Sales, etc.).
  • Establishing a Road-map and Remediation Program: We’ll identify key pressure points and “low-hanging fruit”.


Application Portfolio Assessment Methodology

The 6 R’s of Modernization

Remediation programs could take on different initiatives and action plans depending on your business requirement. These action items could include:

When you have a comprehensive understanding of the many applications your business has maintained for years, you can evaluate their true effectiveness or cost to your company. Mariner Innovations has experienced advisory consultants who have successfully held senior roles in managing IT programs for large enterprises. Our team can help you establish an actionable strategy to maximize the business value of your application portfolio so you can direct more of your annual IT spending to innovation, and less to “keeping the lights on.”



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