Infrastructure & Cloud

Most organizations and the resiliency of their operations are dependent on infrastructure and cloud services. Infrastructure and cloud related gaps can lead to a variety of issues, including security risks, degraded system performance, non-optimal business performance, and compliance concerns. Ensure your infrastructure and cloud journey is secure, successful and cost-effective while managing the ‘people side’ of change. Mariner’s proven methodology will assist you in achieving your desired business outcomes.

Assessment and Roadmap

Mariner will support and guide your organization to develop an infrastructure plan to enable and meet business needs:

  • IT Infrastructure and Application Assessment
  • IT Infrastructure Plan (Roadmap/Strategy)
  • Migration Readiness Assessment

Align your leadership on the vision for infrastructure and cloud initiative and assess organizational readiness:

  • Alignment
  • Change Readiness Assessments

Migration and Adoption

Mariner will facilitate and manage the move to a new operating model to leverage infrastructure and ensure adoption:

  • Application Migration
  • Azure, Office 365, AWS implementation
  • Legacy Systems Migration
  • Cloud security & compliance

Establish measures to encourage and ensure successful adoption and address gaps, needs, risks and expand capabilities:

  • Change Management Approach
  • Adoption/Resistance Management

Optimization and Sustainability

Mariner will enable you to maximize and sustain the value of your infrastructure investment for ongoing success:

  • Cost optimization
  • Application optimization
  • Sustainability monitoring
  • Security and compliance

Leverage Mariner experts to execute and sustain the change involved with your infrastructure initiative:

  • Implementation support
  • Sustainability monitoring
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