Case Study I HotSpot on AWS with Mariner


HotSpot was growing, and with the increasing cadence of feature development identified an urgent need to automate and further secure their AWS environment. Deployments were mostly manual, patching, and updating was challenging, and monitoring had not kept up with changes to the application. They needed a better, lower-risk process for deploying releases that included patching and updated monitoring and alerting.


Mariner worked with the HotSpot team to assess key changes required within the release process, overall security, and monitoring tools. The recommendations included a redesign of the AWS account structure using AWS Organization, implementation of a best practice cloud security architecture using CloudTrail and GuardDuty, and the automation of build, test, and deployment workflows.

Mariner replaced the legacy ELB Classic with an Application Load Balancer and created automation to allow new releases to be built, tested, and then deployed via a Blue / Green mechanism. This allowed very low-risk updates, with no need for painful maintenance windows and associated downtime.


As a result of the engagement with Mariner, HotSpot is now able to confidently deploy new features and fixes more rapidly and more securely, and this is achieved within a continuous integration environment that no longer necessitates painful maintenance windows and associated downtime. The development team has appropriate access to non-production accounts, including a sandbox account for trying out new approaches like serverless.

“I can’t say enough about our positive experience working with Mariner. Mariner made it possible to modernize and complete our Cloud-based architecture. They also provided our staff with valuable training to handle the new architecture, and insight into other cloud-based tools available that would further increase our system’s performance. As a company that knows the importance of IT security, the Mariner team was quick to respond and deliver on time-sensitive issues.”

– Cody Pendleton, VP Technology and Development – HotSpot Inc.

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