Security and Risk Management

Security and Risk Management

Ensuring that your systems are bullet-proof starting with a detailed vulnerability assessment followed by the development of a security roadmap.

Cyber threats are a growing and critical challenge for all businesses. In most organizations, cyber threat is now a c-suite and board level responsibility to ensure there is ownership to assess and manage threats. Organizations are best prepared for crisis when leadership understands the business risk and determines priority response and recovery plans when an attack occurs. We work to review your systems and processes, and identify security threats through hands-on testing.

Key Questions in Assessment Phase:

  • Is there leadership and ownership of policies?
  • What is the current state of policies, procedures, documentation, compliance, and measurement?
  • Have you identified the key assets to protect?
  • Upon a data breech, is there a plan and a team ready?
  • Do you have compliance obligations?
  • Have you assessed your supply chain vulnerabilities?


Once security threats have been assessed, we help establish a prioritized roadmap based on:

  1. Severity of issue,
  2. Cost to remediate, and
  3. Technical capabilities of your organization.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to improving IT security. We work with you to identify the best opportunities to improve the overall security posture of your IT environment.