Cloud Strategy

Cloud Strategy

Mariner Innovations’ Cloud services enable the evolution of your IT organization’s existing architecture, applications, and infrastructure, with the goal of aligning IT with shifting business strategies. Our Cloud Strategies services lead to the enablement of modern technologies and architecture that meet your competitive and evolving business needs.

Why Modernize your Architecture and Move to the Cloud?

In order for your systems to meet your business needs in the dynamic world we live in, they must have key attributes that simply aren’t possible with legacy systems. They must exhibit durability, utility, and usability, and must accommodate a range of non-functional capabilities from scalability to security to interoperability. In recent years, state-of-the-art system architecture has drifted toward elastic, resilient, and self-healing system capabilities. As enterprises adapt to the changing marketplace, system architecture must adapt as well to stay competitive.

Key Benefits

  • Protect existing investments in enterprise applications
  • Preserve embedded intellectual assets and functionality
  • Make business operations more agile, enabling you to meet customer needs better
  • Ensure operational security and efficiency
  • Lower overall maintenance costs

Approach & Services

With our IT Architecture capabilities, Mariner offers several approaches to Architecture Modernization to address the complex challenges of modernizing environments. Organizations typically need a combination of approaches for a complete modernization solution. We ensure that the right approaches are brought to the table.

Our services include:

  • Migration Assessment
  • SOA-based Legacy Extension
  • Application Porting
  • Migrate To and Enable BPM, SOA, or Cloud environments
  • Application Re-engineering
  • Application Development and Support
  • Business and Operations Intelligence
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Migration
  • Technology Migration
  • Re-hosting
  • Web enabling of legacy systems
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