Technology Advisory

Technology Advisory

Technology that meets your business needs. Gain a competitive advantage through your IT.

Mariner Innovations’ Technology Advisory helps you meet your business needs through your technology. Whether you want to reduce IT spend, increase efficiency and operability, or find out useful information about your customers, we have a service for that. Our expert senior architects will work with you to come up with a solution for any problem you may have.

Our services include:

Digital Transformation

We work with you to develop a technology strategy by assessing current application, building a future roadmap, and helping to create innovation inside your enterprise.

Project Crisis Review

Many projects can hit roadblocks and some are in crisis. We can quickly help to assess the problem and build a project recovery plan to get things back on track.

Cloud Strategy

When your technology is out of date, costly, and limiting business functionality, we can help by transforming it to achieve modern day performance.

Security and Risk

Ensuring that your systems are bullet-proof starting with a detailed vulnerability assessment followed by a security roadmap.

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