VB 6 Migration Services

VB 6 Migration Services

Visual basic applications need modernizing


We can help you seamlessly upgrade your VB6 applications to a .NET architecture using a proven methodology, proprietary automation tools, and a specialized team of transformation and implementation experts. Our goal is to eliminate the risk associated with your VB applications, and to increase the flexibility of your IT. Visual Basic has not been supported since 2008, and migrating it no longer needs to be a manual effort.

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Our Approach

Mariner’s approach to VB Migration services achieves a ‘like for like’ modernization where the legacy VB application is moved to a new platform and the existing functionality is maintained.

We use our in-house technologies that migrate the VB applications using a high level of automation, as opposed to competitors who must manually recode a significant portion of the application, leading to increased risk and cost. These advanced technologies were developed specifically for migrating enterprise VB6 applications of all sizes, from thousands to millions of lines of code. After the migration is complete, the modernized application is well positioned for future enhancements that may be required to meet changing business needs.

Mariner believes in a collaborative approach, such that the migration process runs smoothly and the upgraded application fits perfectly within the context of your business operations. We are the experts in VB migration services and will guide the entire process to ensure results that are delivered on time and on budget.

Should Your VB Application Be Upgraded?

Our VB6 migration philosophy is that although there are overwhelming reasons for upgrading VB applications, in order for your organization to realize the most benefits, your VB application should possess one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Operationally essential, but not necessarily on your strategic development roadmap
  • An uncertain path forward
  • Life-expectancy of 3-5 years
  • May have a backlog of enhancement requests which cannot be met because of obsolescence, lack of skills, lack of application knowledge


  • Fairly low risk modernization approach
  • Free from unsupported technologies quickly
  • Easily separate issues and simplify testing
  • Experience with a multitude of migration projects
  • Extensive partnership network of industry experts
  • Backed by a strong technical team
  • Proven project process that focuses on collaboration
  • Take an easy phased approach to modernization
  • Rigorous, regression-based, testing approach
  • Best in class advanced automation tools
  • We delivery completely native source code with no dependence on 3rd party assemblies
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