Application Portfolio Assessment

Application Portfolio Assessment

Understand everything about your application portfolio.


Mariner Innovations’ Application Portfolio Assessment Services will provide your organization with the information you need to make smart decisions for the future of your applications. Our 3-phase assessment approach utilizes advanced analytical tools to evaluate the attributes of your applications, develops an in-depth understanding of complex application relationships, and provides you with a roadmap that is best-suited for your business and technology. The result is an application-modernization strategy that allows you to increase business operability to meet your changing customer needs, while increasing ROI and decreasing IT costs.

Three-Phase Assessment Methodology

Phase One: Discovery

A preliminary analysis into your application systems to identify all existing application files and attributes. We collaborate with subject matter experts within your organization to ensure a thorough application inventory identifying all relevant application data and details.

Phase Two: Elaboration

An in-depth analysis into your applications in order to determine complex relationships that affect business functionality and operability.  During this phase, we develop a strong understanding of the link between your applications and the enterprise architecture that supports these applications. We identify your company’s application and data structures, and expose program and data interdependencies as well as underlying business rules. We understand what makes your company tick.

Phase Three: Strategy

Identification of an optimal modernization strategy for your organization by taking an objective, solution-agnostic approach.  We review the deliverables produced in the Discovery and Elaboration phases in order to prepare specific recommendations that meet your business requirements.  During this phase, we develop a strategy for modernization and a roadmap for your organization to cost-effectively get there.

The 6 R’s of Application Modernization Strategy

An application modernization strategy typically includes one or more of the following approaches:

  • Rewrite – A new application is written from current business requirements into a modern object-oriented language.
  • Re-host/Re-platform – The legacy application is typically moved from a mainframe to a distributed client-server environment and the host language is not transformed.
  • Reengineer – The application language is reengineered to a modern language and ported to a distributed client-server environment, typically enabling SOA and a web-based GUI.
  • Retain/Wrap – Determine that the application should be kept and may be improved by web-enabling existing services.
  • Replace / COTS – The legacy application can be replaced with a COTS application.
  • Retire – The legacy application is no longer needed by the business and steps are taken to decommission the application and transition the business away from it.