Did you know that over 95% of cyber-attacks are as a result of cyber-criminals exploiting unsuspecting and uninformed employees?

Did you know that over 95% of cyber-attacks are as a result of cyber-criminals exploiting unsuspecting and uninformed employees?

Train, Manage and Monitor your biggest risk – your people – with Beauceron Security from Mariner Security Solutions

Beauceron enables an organization to effectively measure, monitor and manage cyber risk.

Our cloud based, easy to deploy solution evolves cybersecurity from an IT-centric and often reactive function to a strategic and proactive organizational performance indicator.

Using a cross functional and human-centric approach to cyber risk enables your organization to decrease the exposure of your people, data, intangible assets and intellectual property to the growing problem of cyber crime.

From the employee to the executive suite Beauceron provides visibility into human centric cyber risk by function, location and individual as well as accountability for remedial actions and behaviours to tangibly reduce your organization’s cyber risk.

Our Value

  • Provision of tangible business centric metrics to drive prudent security investments and deployment strategies
  • Analytics which create organizational & individual accountability for reduction of risk
  • Visibility and insight for functional and operational leadership to effectively manage reduction of cyber risk


  • Reduction of incident response costs from repeat malware and ransomware infections
  • Ability to identify and ‘patch’ high risk personnel before they are exploited by a cybercriminal


Product features and benefits

  • Proprietary risk algorithm assigns individual, department and organization risk scores to proactively identify high risk individuals, departments or functions which are prime targets for cybercriminals.
  • Proactive education and simulations to “patch” employees against tactics such as social engineering and advanced phishing attacks used by cybercriminals.
  • Scanning and scouting of cybercriminal datasets and repositories to identify compromised identities and information which may be exploited by cyber criminals.
  • Analytics and dashboards to provide executive, business and functional leaders as well as employees with visibility to risk levels and accountability to reduce risk.
  • Fast, low impact and easy to deploy cloud based platform that is operational and delivering insight within a day.


After using Beauceron Security our customers experience:

  • 80% of employees say they’re more aware of cybersecurity and their role in protecting their company.
  • Average cyber crime phishing rates decrease from 25% to less than 8%.
  • A significant increase in security threats identified by employees
  • 60% reduction in IT staff time.
  • Return on Investment of less than one year from internal cost savings for help desk and IT security staff.
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